Samsung: “Design 3.0”, a New Visual Strategy For the Brand



The Korean giant is considering changing appearance. The idea isn’t to create a new visual identity for Samsung like the rumors of end of 2012 had, but rather a new design for the group’s mobile branch.

A secret meeting was allegedly held between JK Shin and BK Yoon, the two heads of the mobile branch, to discuss the launch of the “Design 3.0″ era.

“Design 3.0”? Did we have other eras?

Yes! We already had Design 1.0 and the 2.0 if we are to believe the explanations given on the website SamMobile. According to the blog specialized in the Samsung smartphones that preceded the Galaxy S3 belonged to the Design 1.0 era, while the mobile devices that came after the Galaxy S3 are part of the Design 2.0 era.

What should we expect?


If the new era rumor is confirmed the changes will occur on 3 fronts:

  • The shape: Samsung could be changing the shape of its devices who have had a strong resemblance during the “2.0″ era, especially in the star flagship series, the Galaxy S.
  • The upper layer: We should have a new design for TouchWiz, Samsung’s Android upper layer with new icons, buttons and a new interactive experience.
  • The material: the Korean group uses plastic in the creation of its smartphones and tablets. Will it be using new material such as aluminium, like its competitor Apple, for example?


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