Google TV White Spaces: Conference Roundup


The TV White Spaces and Dynamic Africa Spectrum Africa Forum has officially ended after 2 days of presentations featuring 100 participants from over 25 countries. Guest included Senegal’s Secretary of Communication, Telecommunications and Digital Economy Cheikh Abiboulay DIEYE, Ira KELTZ from the FCC, Peter HENDERSON from Indigo Telecom, Arno HART from Tenet, to name a few.

Trials for white spaces have been performed in South Africa, Kenya and Malawi in the last 2 years to improve not only the people’s connectivity, increase Africa’s market competitiveness and thus creating new job opportunities in the rural areas. In Kenya, the project has been deployed with the intent of reaching 80% of the population by 2015.

The trials performed so far have given promising results as using CPE equipment would enable up to 50 home users in a 100-150m radius to benefit from the broadband internet.

This kind of technology is meant to create a profound change in the lives of those who will have access to it. Peter HENDERSON said that this project “is about giving back to people by improving people’s quality of life,” revolutionizing education with greater access to information, healthcare with better services .

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