Senegal: Tigo Announces 3G Network Launch in October 2013


Competition in the internet sector in Senegal is getting ready to welcome a new player, and if the word is true, it would be a major one!

Announced a while ago, the new license given to the number 2 network provider will enable them to provide 3G to its subscribers. “The set up has begun in April 2013 and will enable Tigo to offer its subscribers a premium exploration in data usage and the best possible experience in mobile communication,” has stated Tigo in a press release handed to the Senegalese Press Agency.

The carrier has indicated that it has invested over 25 billion FCFA in the renovation and extension of its network since the beginning of the year 2013.

“The signed contract with a top manufacturer in the telecommunications sector will help Tigo offer the latest jewels of new technologies to the Senegalese people. The information will travel at a rate of 21 Mbps thanks to the HPSA+ technology,” continued the official release.

According to the Groupe Millicom, “at the end of the work in place, 177 new zones throughout Senegal’s 14 administrative regions will be covered by the Tigo network and over 300 sites will see a clear improvement in their telephone service offer.”

At the horizon of October 2013,” emphasises Tigo Senegal, “Dakar and its suburbs will be given Tigo’s 3G+ first, as well as the area of Touba in December 2013. A total of 310 living areas.”

According to the carrier, who hasn’t received great press lately, “at the end of this important project, Tigo will have the best 3G+ network in Senegal”


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