Equatorial Guinea: The State Suspected of Internet Censorship


The Equatorial Guinean government is alleged to censuring websites that may endanger the reelection of president Theodoro OBIANG NGUEMA.

The organization Reporters Without Borders, has in fact condemned the government on Tuesday in a press release given to the AFP denouncing the “Equatorial Guinean government’s access blocks on Facebook and opposition websites“.

The organization defending journalists has mainly cited opposition party, Convergence for Social Democracy, “who will present candidates at the legislative and city council elections on May 26th, 2013.”

However, according to Reporters Without Borders, the site of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, the President’s party” has remained “perfectly accessible.”

On Monday, a head of the opposition had declared to the AFP that the social network Facebook and websites of several opposition parties were blocked for 3 days after the announcement of a protest against the regime scheduled for today.

The Equatorial Guinean government has denied taking part in the block that prevent the netizens from accessing a number of websites and speaks of a “cyber virus” coming from “outside” in a press release on its official website.




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