Apple: Tim Cook Announces New Products


Speaking two weeks before WWDC, Apple’s event, Tim COOK has announced the people in charge of launching iPhones, iPads and iPods are currently preparing the release of new products.

The Apple brand has been equated to innovation for a long time now. During the “reign” of the late Steve JOBS, every product launch was lived like a Michael JACKSON concert at the top of his career. While the iPod has reinvented the mp3 world, the iPad changed that of tablets and the iPhone that of mobiles, since the JOBS‘s death Apple lost its first place in innovation to Samsung.

The Korean firm may still have issues giving an identity to its devices in comparison to Apple, but it is the leader in innovation today, thanks to its devices that sell like hot cakes.

“Many people now say that innovation means a new category,” said COOK, “we’re still a company that’s going to do thatWe have some incredible plans that we’ve been working on for a while.

Rumors speak of the launch of a television that will sport the bitten apple’s logo. WWDC, we are ready!


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