Kenya: BRCK Surpasses Fundraising Goal

brck1 Kenya: La BRCK dépasse ses objectifs de financement sur Kickstarter


At the beginning of the month, the Kenyan organization Ushahidi offered a solution to the connectivity problem in Africa by presenting a “brick” that would enable you to connect to internet no matter what situation you are in, using mobile technologies such as 3G and 4G.

The project required $125,000 to be executed according to the campaign launched by the creators on Kickstarter, the group’s financing platform.

And thus over 800 “backers” (donors) have offered their support to the project, allowing it to surpass the objectives set at the beginning, 7 days to the end of the campaign. At the moment of writing, BRCK has received over $128,000.

The fundraiser’s goal is to allow the production of 2,000 devices, which would then be sold at around $200 a piece.

It would be interesting to see how much money the project will raise by the end of the campaign on Kickstarter… Go BRCK!


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