Rumor Has It: A New iOS Design? Rumors Spread As WWDC Approaches


The WWDC will be held from June 10th-14th at the Moscone Center, San Francisco. For those of you who do not know, the WWDC or WorldWide Developers Conference is Apple’s developers’ conference. This session will be opened with a keynote from Tim Cook.

wwdc13a Un nouveau design pour iOS? Le WWDC arrive et les rumeurs sagitent...

A lot of rumors have been spreading around. The most probable ones concern the next version of Apple’s iOS. It would appear as if iOS7 would be completely different from its predecessors, especially on the visual aspect.

The home screen will get a makeover: dialling the passcode will be on black and round buttons. According to the site 9to5mac, Jonathan IVE, Apple’s Chief of design has looked over the entire iOS design. Among the changes:

  • New gestures
  • The home screen would be similar to the current one but with new, flatter and simpler icons.
  • Some applications have been redesigned.

IVE has allegedly gone over modifications and to this moment, he has not decided the appearance of certain elements. The iOS has been described as “black, white and flat” with a corrected interface.

The design masters are at work…

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