Senegal: Tigo Management and Employees Make Peace

While network carrier slogan “Smile, you are with Tigo”, the carrier’s employees weren’t exactly grinning over the last couple of days. That is thanks to the strike that has shaken up Tigo’s hierarchy.

The employees began the strike to denounce the company’s strict refusal to negotiate with them. They were requesting higher salaries and that their advantage be reinstated after their cancellation in 2006.

This 24th of May, management and employees signed a protocol at the Ministry of Communications, thus marking the end of the conflict that opposed the two parties. “It took us a lot of time to obtain an agreement protocol which, starting today, will close the gap, and we hope that tomorrow will be a new day for Sentel GSM (Tigo Senegal),” said the Secretary.

Coming out of a rather difficult year, we hope that Tigo will take advantage of its new 3G license to make up for its losses.


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