Rumor Has It: Google to Provide Internet to Over a Billion People with Wireless Network


According to the Wall Street Journal Google is working on a project that will provide internet to over a billion new people with wireless network.

According to people who are familiar with Google’s strategy, these networks will be available in Sub-Saharan Africa and in South East Asia to people who live outside of the big cities where wired internet connections are unavailable.

Google hopes to partner with local telecommunication companies and equipment providers on the emerging markets with the aim to develop the networks, as well as the business models to sustain them.

Though Google occasionally dips into non-profit, this initiative will increase its revenues. In fact for Goole, more netizens equals more money. The giant who makes most of its money with 90% of advertisements, would benefit from a higher internet penetration in the emerging countries.

One of the Google‘s spokesperson was contacted by the Wall Street Journal but refused to comment.


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