Women Prefer Geeks! Finally!


53.7% of women prefer being seduced by a man with technological abilities than anything else! Yay! This is what I call table-turning! The era of the sexy man in front of his car with hands stained with is now over, it is now the Geek‘s turn.

A man who loves coding, knows how to download free movies and films, sets up quickly a computer, who can install RAMs to speed up a machine….well, this is what women want. Easy Panel‘s study seems to be an answer to Mel GIBSON’s What Do Women Want?

Techno attirance 465x1024 Les femmes préfèrent les hommes avec des compétences en informatique. Enfin!

The study performed on 1,015 people in France showed the following:

  • 53.7% of women prefer being seduced by a man with knowledge in technology rather than in cars.
  • 32.8% of women admire men who have knowledge in technology
  • 27.8% of women would like it if men knew more about technology
  • 33.4% of men have admitted that they prefer to know more about technology than in cars (only 18.8% made it a priority)
  • 43% of men have admitted that they have over-hyped their knowledge in technology to women.

This new trend would be the direct result of our dependence on new technologies.

To help you ladies, do you know the AYITEH N.? AfriqueITNews‘ comic strip? The character called Mamadou (below, first on the right) is the perfect example of what you are looking for!


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