Mauritius: The ICT Sector Lacking Qualified Staff


During the Work Fair organized on May 18th by the NEF (National Empowerment Foundation), it was announced that “The number of vacancies was from 1 500 to 2 000 at the beginning of the year,” said Roshan SEETOHUL, chairman of the Outsourcing and Telecommunications Association of Mauritius.

The specialized companies in the ICTs are lacking mainly developers and software engineers. Other jobs in the sector such as web development, multimedia creation are highly requested with several job openings, but it is hard to find qualified staff. This is making companies call out to expats who are now 8,500 in the sector.

According to the NEF president, it is necessary to review the schooling system which does not meet the needs of the Mauritian society.

…We shall miss you….. Off to Mauritius, we go!

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