Cameroon: Computerization of the Public Procurements Handover


We are moving towards the dematerialization of the procedures, but also towards the computerization of the public procurements handover in Cameroon,” announced the Secretary of Public Procurements, Abba SADOU. The government’s ambition is to make the handover of the procurements safer, more reliable and quick, while the process is currently long and confusing.

To do so, the Cameroonian government signed an agreement memorandum with Koica (the Korean International Cooperation) for the execution of the procurement management system. The project is called e-procurement and the amount of the agreement is of 800 million FCFA according to the agency’s representative KAP Chae Ra.

Not much is known of the agreement but we can only hope that local businesses will get a chance to work on the project’s setup.

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