At 18 She Invents a Battery that Charges in Less Than 30 Seconds, What Were YOU Doing At 18?

This won’t be the last time you hear of Eesha KHARE, the eighteen-year-old American of Indian origin, who has just created a new system to store a great amount of energy by offering the ability to recharge a cellphone in 20 seconds (as opposed to the several hours that are usually required today).

Though this is still a prototype, the device created by this little genius with an angel’s face, could support up to 10,000 charge cycles, which is 10 times the life-span of the current batteries.

I have created a new super capacitor which is in reality a storage space that can hold a lot of energy in a tiny space,”, announced the winner of Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award 2013‘s third prize of $50,000.

If I had a daughter, I’d force her to invent a battery that NEVER requires charging…. I mean seriously….#hatersaregonnahate


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