3 Things You MUST Do After Purchasing an Android

So you gave into temptation and got yourself your first Android smartphone? Here are a few tips that you can use to make the most out of your cellphone!

1. Install a tracking application

mobile phone gps tracking 3 choses à faire absolument après avoir acheté un téléphone Android

That’s right! We all think that having your phone stolen happens to others but not to us. Chances are that you might be unlucky enough to lose your device the day that you buy it!

If you hope to find it, install a tracking application so that you know in real-time where your device is. Some of them are completely free and will offer you basic services. Other paid apps will enable you to shut down your cellphone remotely or even take pictures of the thief without him knowing.

Here are a list of some useful applications:


2. Back Up Your Data


If this Android cellphone is your first smartphone, you must know that the way you use your phone will change. From receiving emails and attached documents, to chatting on social networks, your device will become a mini-computer. You will have the ability to stock hundreds of phone numbers, SMS and applications. It would be a pity to lose all that content so, back it up!

Some good apps for this are:

3. Delete Useless Apps


There is nothing easier than installing an Android application. With a simple click, the application is on your phone without requiring a connection to a computer.

This simplified proccess can make you download too many useless applications to your phone. Some of those apps will run even while you aren’t using them and will thus make your phone slowdown. Avoid it.

Here are a few apps that will clean up the mess:


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