ICT and Africa: Where Do We Stand?


While many African countries are now focusing on ICTs as a way to ensure long-term development, a rapport published by the World Economic Forum has revealed the rankings of African countries in comparison to the rest of the world.

Three criterias were used to evaluate the ranking:

1) The environment for the ICTs

2) The community’s willingness to use ICTs

3) The use of ICTs

Here is a list of the top 15 African countries in the ICT sector and their world ranking this year:

  1. South Africa–70
  2. Egypt–80
  3. Capo Verde–81
  4. Rwanda–88
  5. Morocco–89
  6. Kenya–92
  7. Ghana–95
  8. Botswana–96
  9. Liberia–97
  10. Gambia–98
  11. Senegal–100
  12. Uganda–107
  13. Namibia–111
  14. Nigeria–113
  15. Zambia–115

You can read the rest of the report HERE.

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