Blackberry Jam Sessions in Africa and $10,000 to Win



Blackberry just launched Jam Sessions in several African countries for the next two months. The Blackberry Jam Sessions are a series of events organized by the Canadian company for developers. They are often organized all around the world.

The next series of events will go as follows:

  • June 14th, Tunisia
  • June 18th-19th, Egypt
  • June 21st, Kenya
  • July 1st, Ghana
  • July 3rd, Nigeria
  • July, 15th, 16th and 18th, South Africa

The Jam Sessions’ aim is to train developers in the conception of applications under Blackberry 10 and to keep them to date with the latest updates on the system. Robert ROSE, General Manager of the EMEA region for Blackberry, announced that her company is hoping to create opportunities for the African developers, “We are delighted to announce other BlackBerry Jam Sessions for entrepreneurs in the region”.

At the beginning of the year, such events were held in Botswana and South Africa and had 260 developers participating, according to the Canadian firm.

At each event, there will be a prize. At the end of this Jam Session Tour, the best app will receive a check of $10,000 dollars or the equivalent of 5 million FCFA.

These events are also open to all those who wish to learn basic development notions for Blackberry. The event hopes to make the RIM’s smartphones more popular.



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