After Samsung, Sony is Now At the Conquest of Africa



Samsung‘s success in Africa is attracting other phone manufacturers. One of the company’s direct competitor, Sony, has launches its conquest project of the African market.

The Japanese firm hosted a show called “Sony Conference for Africa” on May 10th, 2013 in Cape Town (South Africa). During that meeting the manufacturer has revealed the arsenal it reserves for the continent and that will soon be on the market.

Sony’s African project, is very ambitious. Hiroyasu SUGIYAM, the company’s Middle East and Africa director stated,”Africa is undoubtedly one of the most important markets for Sony. By 2015, we hope to achieve a $1.4 billion share in the consumer electronics space, including the fast-growing mobile phone business.” The Director admitted the numbers were rather ambitious and announced that, “The Sony roadmap for Africa constitutes a four-pillared strategy based on ‘product’, ‘customer’, ‘community’ and ‘operation‘.”

The firm’s immediate goal is to identify the means that will allow them to apply this roadmap. Sony hopes to set itself up in new territories such as Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria and Angola before going on the rest of the continent.

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