Senegal: Crisis at Tigo

Employees of the network provider Tigo are on an unlimited strike since the beginning the week. The main reason for this according to the head of the company’s union is the “dialogue refusal from the General Manager.”

The employees condemn the company’s new strategy which is to get rid of Senegalese expertise.

SENTEL, Tigo‘s owner, who gained commercial success in Tanzania, Rwanda and even in South America, has reviewed its strategy in Senegal because of its continued decline in the country. The idea is to carry out in the Dakar branch the techniques that worked elsewhere in terms of management and human resources. This to the dissatisfaction of the local employees.


tigosénégal 300x185 Sénégal: Ça tangue à TIGO

During a general assembly, the chief administrative officer of the SENTEL-TIGO National Labor Union, Papa Tamsir SECK has denounced the senior management refusal to open a dialogue.

We wanted to wash the dirty laundry in-house, but apparently the senior management does not have the sense of family,” he said.

Confronted with this situation the ARTP and its General Manager Abou LO have initiated a mediation by receiving the Tigo delegation, headed by its General Manager. LOreminded the head of TIGO their contractual obligations with the State, on one hand, and on the other the consumers, especially pertaining to the continuity and the quality of the service.”


Tigo’s General Manager has made known the set arrangements to reduce the inconveniences that may be caused to the subscribers, as they are the first ones affected.

The syndicalists have denounced the “threats and intimidation” that employees have received from senior management and are calling the State to be the mediator  in the crisis.


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