Senegal: Orange Inaugurates a New Campus For Managerial Development



With the creation of the new site Orange Campus in Senegal, the France Telecom-Orange Group present in around 20 African countries is reaffirming its desire to strengthen its managerial community around the world and to accompany the managers in their daily tasks.

Located at the heart of Dakar’s technopole, the international Orange Campus venue will offer development courses in priority to its 1,000 managers of the West African branches (Mali, Guinea, Bissau Guinea, Niger, Ivory Coast, Senegal). Managers from other Orange branches in French-speaking Africa (Central African Republic, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo) will also be able to benefit from it. In its international programs, the site will also welcome managers from all the countries where the group is present, thus favoring diversity which is the core of Orange Campus.

In 2013, more than 20 different programs of managerial development are scheduled on the site Orange Campus Dakar.

The new Orange Campus venue is composed of many rooms, a library and amphitheater and was built to adapt the different teaching methods used in the lectures in the various sessions. Neighbouring Orange-Sonatel Skill Development Center (Centre de développement des Compétences d’Orange-Sonatel), the venue represents over 300 meters square and can have up to 160 people.

The programs offered at the Orange Campus Dakar will reinforce the international approach favored in Africa through the following 3 programs:

* Required courses that will enable new managers to acquire quickly their new responsibilities.

* Group development programs that will allow the executive managers to gather and develop their teams.

* Individual development programs and the principles of management consolidate key managerial habits.

The creation of Orange Campus Dakar is part of the group’s desire to progressively enable its international branches to handle directly certain activities and by providing all the required educational elements and by giving specific training sessions by local trainers (internal or external). Eight internal trainers have already been certified in Africa. This set ups are conceived for each country according to their needs and resources. This will allow each country to deploy the Orange Campus programs in autonomy and with support.

The development of the Group’s managers in Africa isn’t a first. In fact, since 2011, over 1,000 managers in the EMEA, Asia regions have benefited from the Orange Campus programs thanks to the sessions organized within its branches.


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