Google I/O Conference in 14 Points

Google finished its 3 hour-long keynote presentation at the 2013 I/O conference and many announcements were made! As we expected, Google emphasized its services and applications more than content. If you’ve missed the event, here’s a mini recap:

google i o 1024x497 Google I/O résumé en 14 points

  • Googles announces 900 millions Android activations, 48 billion downloaded applications and close to 2,5 billion applications are being installed every month.
  • The new Google translation service allows developers to access localization services directly from the console, thus allowing them to easily translate an application.
  • Google announce Android Studio: an IDE built solely for Android developer that will replace Eclipse, thus helping developers in their tasks so that they can be more productive and efficient. Google also announced a messaging application on the cloud that will be featured on its platform.
  • Google Play Games was revealed, it will allow a multiplayer mode and data saving on the cloud. A series of new API have been freed and are specifically destined to the game developers. The game platform will allow the users to save their progress on the cloud, this will mean that they can now go further in their games. Rankings have been created as well as links to their Google+ accounts and their friends.
  • Google reveals a Galaxy S4 with a “pure” Android and not Samsung’s TouchWiz. This will be available on Google Play for $649 on June 26th.
  • Google launches its new streaming music service. This will cost $9.99 per month or $7.99 if you subscribe before June 30th. There is also a free trial period (30 days for American residents starting today). The songs will be updated according to your musical tastes and preferences. Moreover, the songs can be removed from the playlists with a simple screen swipe.
  • Google Play for Education: Google announced a shop destined to young children. It will feature applications listed according to age and gender. The account admins will be able to offer application on several devices all at once.
  • Google offers Chromebook Pixel free to all the I/O participants! I know you are hating right now….
  • Google announces 41 new features within Google+, including a flux which is based on Pinterest’s model.
  • Google+ Photos enables automatic GIFs creation. This new feature combines automatically the images together to create new ones. The storage space is of 15 Go.
  • Google launches Hangouts a new unified messenger service, multi-platform for iOS, Android and Chrome. Hangouts is hoping to be the new messenger service that will replace the multiple existing ones that Google offers.
  • Google offers a sneak-peak of its new Google Maps version for iOS and Android, and indicated that an iPad application is to come this summer. The new version will include a new search suggestion to help you find the right thing nearby.
  • Google reveals new information on Google Maps on desktop with unified images, a new interface and 3D!
  • Google’s CEO, Larry PAGE, mentioned in this last I/O the competitors and negativity it faces in innovation. He also shared a few personal stories as well as his views on the importance of technology.

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