Tigo Launches 4G…In Tanzania


This may please or unerve some of the network’s suscribers in the rest of the countries in which it operates, such as in Senegal. The network provider TIGO has just launched 4G in Tanzania, a country where the operator is doing very well.

While speaking to the Tanzania Daily News, Diego GUTIERREZ, General Manager of the company, has stated, “We recognise our customers’ ever changing demands and need for better, faster and quality internet services and are constantly seeking to provide them with the best user experience in all our products in the most affordable way possible.”

However, according to Kay HARUNA, an IT specialist, this innovation will be seen with the changing of the telecommunication tours, making the prices for data exchange even higher. Vodacom Tanzania had also tested LTE in January.

This seems like a foreign dream considering that 3G hasn’t even come to Senegal.

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