“Without Congo, There might never have been No Playstation2 or Cellphones”


Tryphon Kin Kiey MULUMBA, the Congolese secretary of the Posts, Telecommunications and New Information Technologies, who was present at in Geneva during the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) summoned smartphones, tablets and other devices makers to lower their prices in Congo because without the country’s mineral resources, all these much appreciated devices would not exist!

Congo is among the first world producers of tantalum, which is used in the creation of condensers which are indispensable in the manufacturing of these devices.

“If Congo and Kivu didn’t exist, tjen there probably wouldn’t be any mobile phones. You know Sony’s Play Station 2 wouldn’t have exist. I’d like to take this opportunity to send a message to the manufacturers. It is important to lower the cost of the tablets and cellphones sold in Congo, especially to the poor women from Kivu who extract tantalum,” MULUMBA stated.

Global mined tantalum production 1990 2009 Sans le Congo, la Playstation2 et les téléphones portables nexisteraient peut être pas selon le ministre en charge des TIC

While the numbers shown by an American research on the biggest tantalum producers don’t appear to confirm the world’s dependence on the Congolese tantalum, the Secretary continued in an interview with agenceecofin.com, “You know, tantalum is almost exclusively produced in Congo in war region Kivu. We have between 60-80% of the world’s reserve.”

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