Senegal: Project “Gender and ICTs” to Educate 100 Girls


We want to encourage computer access to women by giving them low-cost computers so that they can be trained in communications,” announced Bitilokho NDIAYE, technical consultant in charge of Gender Issues at the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy in interview published on The Soleils online journal. According to the consultant, this is the core of the project called Genre et TIC (Gender and ICTs).

The goal is to teach each year, 100 young girls in the ICT sector, in various regions of the country. Thusv“promoting female entrepreneurship by making sure that that there are SME headed by women.” According to NDIAYE, the Multinational Higher Education School of Telecomunications (Ecole Supérieure multinationale de télécommunications–ESMT) and the Gaston Berger University will give out courses.

Summing up the International Day of Women in ITCs celebrated on April 25th, the consultant said that she was satisfied with the number of participants at the events. She announced that on the next edition, the ministry would like to “present the girls who had, this year, innovative projects with good results and show that they indeed created their businesses in the ITC sector”.


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