Morocco: Young Developer Translates Classic Games in Arabic



Making digital content accessible to everyone by going over the language barrier has become the main objective of many of the technology fans.

It is in this perspective in mind that a young Moroccan started translating many video games. Classics such as Super Mario Bros or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. It is the latter that brought in the public’s attention.

Mouhssine Zaouia aka Megamanz a developer and translator of age 27, worked on the game for 3 years translating the entire game in Arabic. The menu, mission titles, screen objects and elemnts, game dialogues, basically everything. Two weeks after the completion of the project, the patch was downloaded more than 100 times.

Ocarina of Time is at its 10th translation. On his YouTube channel, other translations of games such as Street Fighter can be found. By doing so, the young Morrocan is trying to alert game publishers to think of languages that are not Western or Japanese.

It is up to the other African developers to take up the challenge. When can we expect Mortal Kombat or Final Fantasy in peulh or in haoussa?

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