Blackberry Soon on Android and iOS


Blackberry’s BBM will soon be available on Android and iOS platforms. The announcement came straight from Thorsten Heins, the CEO the group, he said “It’s time to bring BBM to a greater audience, no matter what mobile device they carry.”

BBM is an instant messaging application developed by Blackberry that for the longest time, was a feature that set its devices apart from all the other smartphones. Opening it to other operating systems will give it better inter-usage and will enable the company to have better influence on the market as an application designer.

It seems to me that BBM‘s opening to the rest of the platforms comes a little late. With the presence of applications such as WhatsApp or even Viber, available on these platforms, it will be hard for the application to become the norm, especially when these application are more popular than the ones offered by the phone manufacturers.

Blackberry announces a more evolved application with new features such as voice, screen sharing and creation of group chats. Not sure how this will set it apart from the rest just yet.

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