Senegal: “Pharmacie Bi Aye” Android Application that Shows You which Late Night Pharmacy is Opened



About a year ago an application called “Sms Pharma” developped by SenMobile showed you which pharmacy was on late-night duty call in your area.

The application using the SMS technology has evolved and is now available on Google Play for the owners of Android devices.

pharma3 Sénégal: Pharma bi aye une application Android qui vous permet de localiser les pharmacies de garde

The now-called “Pharma Bi Aye” (Pharmacy on late-night duty call) provides you with the name, addresses and phone numbers of the closest pharmacies that are opened, allowing you to find them on a map. As a bonus, it offers you health tips and a list of emergency numbers.

The SMS functionality is still available in case the user does not have access to internet.

This is a must have on your mobile device!

Download Pharma Bi Aye

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