Nigeria: IROKO partners to pump 1 million dollars into the tech ecosystem

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Nigerian tech and internet entrepreneurs rejoice! Jason NJOKU and Bastien GOTTER have announced the launch of SPARK, a USD1m-backed company to support the nigerian tech ecosystem.

Jason NJOKU, Managing Partner of SPARK, explained the motivation behind the creation of the company that will create companies: “In Africa, we’re witnessing an exciting metamorphosis, from a tech ‘scene’ to a tech ‘revolution’, where Lagos is very much the gateway for the entire continent. The creativity, talent, the spirit of entrepreneurship is here but Nigeria’s business eco system isn’t set up to adequately support start-ups in their earliest days. Our intention with SPARK is to act as the catalyst to a period of aggressive and exciting growth in Africa’s Internet sector.”

The lack of on-the-ground angel investment opportunities has been well documented, and initiatives like these should go a long way towards building a strong african tech environment for startups.


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