Algérie Télécom Counting on Local Expertise for Optical Fiber


For their optical fiber installation, Algérie Télécom is betting on local expertise. Optical fiber is a priority to the Algerian government as they would like to see it fully functional by late 2015.

For the roll-out in the rural space, 140 billion dinars (FCFA 889.14 billion) are required.

To meet the objective, the government has granted a credit of 115 billion dinars ( 730 billion FCFA) to the network provider for the upgrading of its coverage and the roll-out the fiber in urban spaces. There will be another 140 billion dinars (889.14 billion FCFA) will be used for the rural spaces.

Algérie Télécom has called for a national call for bids for the massive project. According to Abdelhakim Meziani, the communication director, the network provider is preparing a national file of all the Algerian legal companies to allow them to oversee the civil engineering and the installation.

An initiative that should inspire other african companies.


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