YouTube Introduces Paid Subscriptions


“Today, there are more than 1 million channels generating revenue on YouTube, and one of the most frequent requests we hear from these creators behind them is for more flexibility in monetizing and distributing content,” explains the most popular online video platform.

YouTube just launched 53 paid channels. Up until now, revenues on the plateform were generated by advertising, but now there are paid subscriptions as well.

According to the Financial Times, the money comming from the advertisers on YouTube are very small compared to television budgets. The platform doesn’t have the advertising revenues that would allow for premium quality and thus the channels on the platform once YouTube takes 45% of the generated revenues.

This new system would be the solution to even out the relationship between Google (the owner of the platform) and its parterners. The subscriptions will varie between $0.99- $7,99 per month, according to the content and the channels.

Will the users tag along?

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