The Innovation Prize for Africa awards a Senegalese in “social impact” category


The Innovation Prize for Africa, in the “social impact” category has been given to Senegalese Sanoussi Diakite.

He was awarded for his electrical and thermical device that slices 5 kg of fonio (a cereal) in 8 minutes. Like all the other winners, Sanoussi Diakite will receive $25,000.

The actual Innovation Prize for Africa 2013 was given to AgriProtein, a South African research team who worked on retrieving biodegradable waste to feed the flies producing larvas to later transform the latter into animal protein. This major innovation is great news for african farmers but also to the consumers because it allows the increase of the meat’s nutritional value.

The IPA also rewarded an tunisian R&D start-up (Hassine Labaied and Anis Aouini de Saphon Energy), who developed a wind turbine with no blade.

The IPA is an joint initiative between the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) which started in 2011. The prize honors and encourages the innovations that contribute to the development of new products, increase competitivity and participate to the cost reduction in Africa.

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