Huggies Device Sends You a Tweet When Your Baby Pees

Since the first disposable diapers hit the market until now, parents haven’t needed an electronic device to tell them when their baby has wet himself. Huggies Brazil is attempting to address this perceived need with TweetPee, a plastic device that attaches to a diaper and then tweets when your young one has urinated.

As this video (in Portugese — no English version appears to exist) shows, TweetPee connects to an iPhone app that alerts you when the device’s sensor picks up increased humidity. No word yet on whether TweetPee will head to the U.S. market. Huggies reps could not be reached for comment. However, the brand has just launched a program awarding $15,000 grants to up to 12 people who come up with “innovative product ideas.”

[Via Adverblog ]

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