Senegal: Expresso unveiled as the leader of the Internet Service Providers

A report by the telecoms regulator in Senegal noted the expansion of the internet, where the number of users increased by 84% in 2012, while noting that the rate of Internet penetration remains low (5.2%).
The main reason for this growth is the explosion of 3G users, which has increased by 138% by collecting 259,424 new users to reach 447,787 users.

While ADSL customer base had only 95,561 subscribers for a small increase of 3%, Espresso, the last operator to have settled in the country of  “Teranga” has quickly positioned itself as the leader of the Internet in Senegal.
According to the regulator, the Internet market is the only area where Orange doesnt lead the pack.

“This comes from the booming market for mobile internet (3G) where Expresso plays an important role,” says the report.
We are anxiously awaiting the entrance of Tigo in the dance, which should enjoy a better 3G network than its competitors …

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