Ivory Coast: Government Reviews its Contract with Network Providers



Not a day goes by without numerous complaint reports are filed by users on the bad service quality”. It is with this declaration that the Ivorian Secretary of Information and Communications, Bruno Koné, announced to the network providers of his intent to review the contracts passed with the Ivorian government.

The Secretary and his team are looking to re-evaluate the signed agreements with respect to the current applied status in the country within the next six months. A new clause will be added to the contrats. It will require that the network providers open 15% of their capital to local investors.

M. Koné, who visited the different network providers present in Ivory Coast, stated that he was dissappointed by the quality of the provided services and announced that the latter might lose their licenses if things do not improve.

MTN, Orange, Green, Moov, Koz and Café Mobile are currently operating in Ivory Coast, while Warid Telecom who has a license, has not exploited it yet. The country has almost 18 millions mobile subscribers out of its 24 million habitants.


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