A Tunisian Team Wins the “Midnight Developer” Grand Prize


Tunisia won the grand prize “Midnight Developer” competition, a contest hosted by Microsoft and Nokia.

The winners, Tunisian students, built the application by making a legal copy of the famous application Taximan Tunisie on Android. Similarly to all the other participants, the application is an illustration of what the Windows Phone 8 system.

The head of Nokia explain this well, ” We designed this competition to maximise the learning process of this entrepreneurial journey – that is, how to go from an abstract idea to a fully-developed Windows Phone 8 app available to millions of consumers worldwide.”

About a hundred teams, from 25 African and Middle Eastern countries took part in the contest. Brokendown in 2 categories, the contest selected 10 winners at first hand. Then, out of those 10, the Tunisian team was designated. They will go home with $10,000, a trip to a Nokia event, a Lumia 920 and an Xbox for each member, while the second team will win $5,000, an Xbox and a Lumia 920 per member.


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