Cameroon: Plus 3,200 km of Optical Fibers


On May 3rd, the Cameroonian Secretary of Posts and Telecommunications Jean-Pierre BIYITI BI ESSAM, inaugurated 3,200 km of optical fiber. This new addition puts to 6,000 km the length of optical fiber in Cameroon.

This project led way to controversies last year following a sour letter from former Camtel executive M. Ondoua. The letter was addressed to the President of the Republic, denouncing the “laisser-aller” and the lack of security surrounding the execution of the project. According to M. Ondoua, the Cameroonian telecommunication company also had, in some instances, let the cables on the bare ground without protection when they should have been buried.

Let it be note that there had been reports of stolen optical fibers.

The project is being funded by Eximbank of China and has cost almost 32 billion FCFA.


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