Cameroon: Hervé Perrin Attempted a Stunt Before Being Caught at the Airport



The General Manager at Eto’o Télécoms, Hervé Perrin attempted to leave Cameroon incognito last April 30th before being stopped at the Douala airport.

The news was revealed by a daily paper in which it is said that Perrin had already made his family travel and was hoping to join them. Prior, to leaving, he headed a meeting at Eto’o Télécoms and had even presented a new strategy to the company.

Eto’o Télécoms has been swimming in troubled water since its launch. Perrin, named General Manager on January 3rd, was supposed to be the man of the hour. The reasons that lead him to such an act are not know, but his passport has now been withheld, his access to the company banned by G. Parfait KALDJOBb, the company administrator.

To Be Continued….

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