Are We African Victims of Government Spying?

jonathan1 Sommes nous des victimes despionnage par nos gouvernements en Afrique?

Last Tuesday, AfriqueITnews transmitted a headline from the Nigerian Premium Times in which it featured that President Goodluck Jonathan had signed a $40 million contract with an Israeli company that would allow the government to spy on its citizens.

Today, it is Slateafrique that revealed that Nigeria is not the only African country to have gone through such an initiative. Ethiopia and South Africa are also part of a group of 40 governments worldwide who are spying on their citizens.

According to the online paper, the information comes from a published report by the Canadian research center Citizen Lab. It is a “toolkit of malware which can infect a user’s computer or phone and then track his movements, record his conversations, and steal his confidential documents and passwordsusing techniques such as bidirectional text (the inversion of certain letters). The three mentioned countries allegedly use this method.

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