Nigeria: Did President Jonathan Sign an Agreement to Spy on his 47 Million Netizens?



An African country has signed a $40 million agreement with Elbit Systems, a company specialized in military technology and surveillance.

The General Manager of the Israeli company, Yehuda Vered, announced this on April 24th 2013. The latter stated that the company “will supply its Wise Intelligence Technology (WiT) system to an unnamed country in Africa

According to the online paper Premium Times, the country that he is referring to is Nigeria. According to the tabloid, President Jonathan himself signed the contract.

The aim is to watch over the all online communications and digital transactions in the country. In other words, allowing the secret services to access the emails of the Nigerian netizens in the name of national security. This, according to the online publication is a direct violation of the Nigerians’ privacy rights.


To be continued….

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