Nigeria: Kuluya Valued at $2 million Now Preparing 2.0 Version


The Nigerian startup Kuluya that specializes on the online video games just took another stride in its growth. After a series of investments, the platform has been re-evaluated at a $2 million worth.

The company intends to take advantage of this to develop its commercial activities. It could get rid of the advertisements on the platform as means of revenue for its services. This could allow the players to make money. The users will be able to challenge each other, bet and even win money on some games.

The startup is preparing the launch of Kuluya 2.0, a second version of the online video game platform. Kuluya is one of the startups with the biggest potential in Nigeria according to Jason NJOKU, the founder of iRoko. The latter has admitted being blown away by the talent of the 10 people who make up the Kuluya team. “Anyone who has chaired for more than 5 minutes with the Kuluya team should be scared of their talent. I am very happy to be a part of history as the next 2-3 years will be very interesting.”

Launched last year, Kuluya developed and launched 55 games on the web platform along with 5 mobile games. The popular My Oga at The Top, published in mid-March, hit 60,000 players in the first 72 hours!

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