Ethiopia: LG to Create an IT Schooling Center



Ethiopia will soon have a schooling center that will solely offer courses in technology, electronics, IT, mobile maintenance etc… Essentially an institute that specializes in ICT training. The government announced that the project will be headed and financed by LG Electronics.

The Korean giant wants to set up an institute that will cost almost $ 1 million to school and train technicians so that there will be a young labour force that is suited to the big firms’ demands. The courses offered will favor technologies developed by LG. When it comes to the phone maintenance, for example, the training will focus exclusively on the devices released by the Korean company.

The firm asked for 3000 square meters in the industrial zone of Kaliti, in the Akaki district. Following the steps of its fellow compatriot Samsung, LG is hoping to enter the African market. This institute will allow it to prepare staff for it Ethiopian and African branches.

In the beginning, only 75 students will be accepted in the 3 available departments.

Other big projects in the ICT sector have already been launched in Ethiopia in the last few months: the assembly factory for Samsung and the ambitious Ethio ICT.

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